doctor writing on clipboard nest to test tubes


Providing both qualitative and quantitative urine-drug monitoring (UDM) diagnostic testing primarily for addiction treatment purposes.

  • Harwood Labs was created by addiction treatment professionals and has positioned itself as a best-in-class healthcare management company focused on toxicology, pharmacogenomics, and hematology and how these correspond to one another to create improved patient outcomes.
  • Harwood Labs prides itself on providing treatment facilities with testing results quickly allowing for faster interventions and better clinical outcomes.
  • Harwood Labs developed custom reports with its clinical teams to better inform medical staff as well as patients.

Testing Platform

  • State-of-the-art analytical methods for presumptive and definitive urine drug testing of parent drugs and/or metabolites
  • An expanding menu of tests that supports a customized approach to patient monitoring, steered by strict guidelines
  • Monitoring that uses industry-set low detection limits to determine drug elimination and/or usage over time
  • Assess program-level medication adherence and treatment compliance (e.g., abstinence, prescription usage, etc.)


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